Meet the Speakers

Beverley Scheepers Nicole Bijlsma Tasha Jennings Maud Briscoe-Renaud Debra Kuch Charma Voller
Beverley Scheepers is a Professional Organiser, Baby Planner and Eco-maternity consultant, published author, and founder of The Pre-Parent Project and Home And Life Organising Nicole Bijlsma is a Building Biologist, best-selling author, healthy home expert, and founder of the Australian College of Environmental Studies Tasha Jennings is a Nutritionist, Naturopath, fertility specialist and educator, published author, and founder of Zycia (Premium Pregnancy Nutrition) and Conceive Baby Maud Briscoe-Renaud is a Life coach, perinatal educator and counselor, expert in early-parenting guidance, and founder of Welcoming Bébé Debra Kuch is a Financial Planner and Mortgage Consultant with Robert K Green & Associates Charma Voller is a Career Coach and HR Consultant, and founder of Charma Voller Consulting
Topic: Why The Pre-Parent Project exists, & how to plan & prepare for the journey ahead Topic: Environmental impacts on health, fertility & pregnancy Topic: Health & nutrition for fertility, pregnancy & breastfeeding Topic: Mental & emotional resilience, & your new role as parent Topic: Financial strategies for your super, mortgage & budget Topic: Workplace rights, contingencies, & strategies