The Pre-Parent Project is an innovative program designed specifically to address the needs of today's couples.

Most expecting parents attend prenatal education classes during their pregnancy, where they are taught about the delivery of the baby and the basics of caring for a newborn. While this is valuable and necessary, it unfortunately only offers you a tiny piece of the puzzle.

As with any other project, the more preparation that is done, the fewer assumptions that are made, and the more realistic the expectations are - the happier we are with the end result.

The Pre-Parent Project is here to light your path and allow your experience of pregnancy and parenthood to be the very best possible, by offering a range of seminars, publications, and online programs.

The Pre-Parent Project's Mission:

To equip pre-parents with the knowledge, skills, and resources needed to make better lifestyle choices, in order to improve their chances of conception, the health of the mother and baby during pregnancy and beyond, and the wellbeing of the individuals through the transition from couple to family.

To reduce the rate of antenatal and postnatal depression and anxiety through better preparation, education, and expectation management; and to create opportunities for early intervention by improving awareness of self, and of risk factors.